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alpine edge : tauri-cli

Tauri cargo cli tool

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purl: pkg:apk/alpine/tauri-cli?arch=x86_64
Keywords: hacktoberfest, high-performance, rust, webview, works-with-clojurescript, works-with-construct, works-with-elm, works-with-flutter, works-with-gatsby, works-with-mint, works-with-phaser, works-with-quasar, works-with-react, works-with-reason, works-with-svelte, works-with-vue, works-with-yew
License: Apache-2.0,MIT
Latest release: 12 days ago
First release: 5 months ago
Namespace: testing
Stars: 60,921 on GitHub
Forks: 1,605 on GitHub
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Last synced: 1 day ago