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ChakraCore is the core part of the Chakra Javascript engine that powers Microsoft Edge.

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purl: pkg:nuget/Microsoft.ChakraCore
Keywords: Chakra, ChakraCore, javascript, js, ecmascript, compiler, platform, oss, opensource, native, chakra, chakracore, cplusplus, cplusplus-11, cpp, hacktoberfest, help-wanted, javascript-engine, jsrt, linux, microsoft, mit-license, osx, runtime, up-for-grabs, vm, windows
Latest release: almost 3 years ago
First release: over 123 years ago
Dependent packages: 6
Dependent repositories: 54
Downloads: 901,772 total
Stars: 8,950 on GitHub
Forks: 1,344 on GitHub
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Last synced: about 20 hours ago