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Firefly III: a personal finances manager.

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purl: pkg:composer/grumpydictator/firefly-iii
Keywords: manager, money, currency, help, management, tool, helper, laravel, tooling, administration, finance, transactions, assistant, financial, finances, euro, financials, budgets, transfers, dollar, planning, self-hosted, organizing, bills, personal finance, budgeting, budgeting tool, budgeting application, self hosted, accounting, budget, cash-flow, cashflow, credit-card, docker, expenses, linux, paycheck, personal-finance, php, php7
License: Other
Latest release: 22 days ago
First release: over 9 years ago
Namespace: grumpydictator
Dependent repositories: 5
Downloads: 64,476 total
Stars: 12,618 on GitHub
Forks: 1,185 on GitHub
Total Commits: 16449
Committers: 167
Average commits per author: 98.497
Development Distribution Score (DDS): 0.441
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