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Open Microscopy Environment: Common functionality for OME C++ libraries and applications which is...
Latest release: 1 day ago - 0 stars on - 1 maintainer
Open Microscopy Environment data model specification, code generator and implementation.
Latest release: 1 day ago - 1 maintainer
xalan-c 1.12
Xalan-C++ version is a robust implementation of the W3C Recommendations for XSL Transformations (...
1 version - Latest release: almost 2 years ago - 1 maintainer
uqtk 3.1.0
Sandia Uncertainty Quantification Toolkit. The UQ Toolkit (UQTk) is a collection of libraries and...
3 versions - Latest release: about 2 years ago - 2 maintainers
Open Microscopy Environment OME Files is a standalone C++ library for reading and writing life sc...
Latest release: 2 days ago - 1 maintainer
ioapi 3.2
Models-3/EDSS Input/Output Applications Programming Interface.
1 version - Latest release: about 2 years ago - 1 maintainer
py-scikits-odes 2.7.0
Odes is a scikit toolkit for scipy to add extra ode solvers. Specifically it interfaces the Sundi...
1 version - Latest release: 7 months ago - 114 stars on GitHub - 1 maintainer